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On The Street In New Orleans


I just got back from three days of wandering around New Orleans - mostly in the French Quarter. I appreciated having multiple days in the same area, where I could return to the same locations and let the rhythm of the place sink in.

The French Quarter is alive and well. Bourbon Street is like a year round spring break party, and provided a great environment to focus on street photography. To date, most of my photographic subjects have not included people. With people, you need face issues of interaction, etiquette, and moment that require a different pace than observing the pattern of leaves on a tree. But, to capture the random unkown, there is perhaps nothing like street photography.

I'm learning that street photography is an act of declaring moments of importance. This person that we would have never taken the time to notice, the interactions that we wouldn't have endured - they are all important enough to freeze and ponder; to see.

On the excellent blog 2point8, Michael David Murphy recently provided this excerpt from an interview with Gary Winogrand.
Q: But the thing that’s intriguing is not really knowing what the result is going to be like.

Winogrand: What I know bores me. You know, you get into the business of commercial photography, and that’s all you do is photograph what you know. That’s what you’re hired for. And it’s very easy to make successful photographs — it’s very easy. I’m a good craftsman and I can have this particular intention: let’s say, I want a photograph that’s going to push a certain button in an audience, to make them laugh or love, feel warm or hate, or what — I know how to do this. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do that, to make successful photographs. It’s a bore. I certainly never wanted to be a photographer to bore myself. It’s no fun — life is too short…

I'll be sharing images from this trip over the next few days. Thanks for reading.

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