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View Graybeard Mountain

View Gray Beard Mountain

This image documents an attempted backpacking trip to Craggy Gardens, North Carolina. Sometimes, the conditions aren't what you expect. I was looking forward to warm sunny weather, and arrived in a 38 degree chill, shrouded in fog with 30mph gusts of wind. The fog didn't do much for the scenic views. Many times, unusual weather can be a blessing for photography. This day however, we scurried into the rangers cabin, huddled around a fire and surveyed the map for an alternate destination. We drove half an hour to a lower altitude, and found clear views and warm sun.

Red River Gorge

I'm planning on doing some backpacking in Red River Gorge next month. Would anyone have recommendations on trails?

First Light

First Light

This is a new black and white rendition of a color image, taken in the Paria Canyon in March 2005. You can find the previous version here. The Paria Canyon is a through hike, where you backpack everything in, and leave nothing behind.

I came into the hike in the midst of intense personal turmoil and looking for direction. I was soon going to find physical pain on top of my emotional struggles. Two days before this image, the group was stopping for a short break. I set my pack down against the canyon wall and took a step away. Ahh, the joy of an unburdened back. And then... sloomph. Or was it more of a squiieeeck? Quicksand. Down I went, sinking up to my knees. My first thought was, How far down would I sink? Perhaps I should panic? Followed by, Hm... Is panicking in quicksand the recommended survival tactic? Struggling may result in sinking even deeper. With nothing firm around to grab onto, I couldn't pull myself out. I have heard of people getting stuck just up to their knees and starving to death. One of my companions carefully tested the ground around me and yanked me out of the sinkhole a goopy but relieved mess.

The day after, one day before this image, I started suffering the strains of my heavy pack with an intense pain in my right knee. It became very difficult to bend, and I had to adjust my walking to climb up and down the terrain while keeping my right leg straight. Near the end of the day, I wasn't sure how I could finish the hike. Some of the group went ahead to scout out a campsite. They came back excited about a bluff of evergreens down the way. Already worn down, I slugged waist deep water, scaled a boulder, and then up a sandy ridge to the campsite, where one of the guys helped me to sit down. Some warm food and pain medicine guided me to sleep.

I woke up early with a sense of peace. The rest of the group was still sleeping. I grabbed my camera and watched the morning light just hitting the canyon rim. If I could be patient, the light would eventually come down the rock face and provide a warm glow to the tree down below. As the light got halfway, I realized that the warm sunrise glow had already passed. The canyon walls were too high. And then, the light arrives at the tree. The tree is glowing in the sun, with shadow still all around. I get my image. In a few minutes, the shadows fade and all is in the light.

That day, I was still in pain, but the leg was more manageable than the day before. As I continued there was a whisper in my head, that whatever struggles come my way, I would be taken care of.

From the picture, it's difficult to determine the scale. The "shrub" to the left of the tree is about the height of a man.

Stairs and Stripes

Stairs and Stripes

One of my hopes for this space is to have a place to introduce and get feedback on new images. Please feel free to chime in by clicking the comments link.

This image is from a day spent in Assisi, Italy this past February. After days of hurried travels, strolling around St. Francis’ hometown filled me with a calming peace and provided a good day of photography. Assisi is a fascinating city of stairs and alleys. I like the rhythm of the repeating lines and grids as well as the soothing tone of the pinkish bricks.

Hello World

From wikipedia:
A weblog, which is usually shortened to blog, is a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Blogs often provide commentary or news and information on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic.

I'll be sharing tidbits of my life as a photographer: stories, images, observations, rants, pleadings, and joys. I'm glad you're here. Stay tuned....
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